Mr X (Part 2): In The Flesh

So I finally had a date with Mr X.

A couple days before the date, Mr X did or said something that annoyed me.  I can’t remember what it was, it was probably something tiny, but anyways, I hadn’t been speaking to him. Of course him being a guy, he probably didn’t even realise what he’d done. The day before the date he messaged me saying he was talking to a mate about me. Me being the saddo that I am, immediately smiled and entered playful mode asking him what wonderful things he’d been saying.

Mr X: Actually told him I think you’re in a strop
Me- I was actually 😅
Mr X- Haha I knew it.
Mr X- We still on for tomorrow?
Me- Yep!

Then I did something stupid…

Me- So is this a date?

Now, the reason I asked this was I wanted to be sure we were going on a date and not just two friends grabbing a drink on a Saturday. Okay honesty time, I asked him simply because I wanted him to say the words date, oh and because I’m crazy of course.

When we were discussing the time, he said he was going out after, which annoyed me a little… okay it annoyed me alot.

Me- I don’t really wanna go out with someone who’s checking their watch the whole time, seeing when they have to leave.
Mr X- Lol I won’t be
Me- We can always reschedule if you have something else to do.
Mr X- Nah it’s not like that, just need to get the last train.
Me- Okay

Psycho alert! I’m actually surprised he turned up 🤔 but to be fair, Mr X has shown a high tolerance for my bullshit.

First date

You know that one great outfit you own that you always go for when you don’t know what else to wear? I call it my safety outfit. I wore mine to meet Mr X. I told him i’d meet him 5/6 and he ended up waiting almost 40 mins for me to arrive! (not a good start Autumn). He was fine about it, and said technically because I had said 5/6 I wasn’t actually late!

Nice Lad!

He had already ordered me a drink and as I stared at him, I wasn’t seeing the connection between the words spoken through messages from my Cyber Mr X, and the real one standing right in front of me… leaning in to kiss my cheek… I was stunned and I wondered if I actually wanted to be there. However, the more we spoke, the more relaxed I became. We spoke for hours about everything and yet nothing really. It was a really chilled night and I really enjoyed myself. I walked him to his platform at the station because he was in my part of town and wasn’t sure where he had to go. When I was about to leave, he called me over and hugged me, which really took me by surprise… Not in a bad way (I was just being really awkward lol)

Frances hello awkward hi wave GIF

Me waving goodbye before the hug

Mr X asked me to message him and let him know that I got home safely, so I did and our conversation continued like normal. I was happy there was no awkward who’s gonna text who first because and no fear or anticipation around whether or not we’d continue talking or whether we’d see each other again. I kind of just knew…
And as I received a message from him the next day, I thought

Mr X is a really nice guy!


Second Date

Before I tell you what we did on our second date, let me first reiterate that I am a very cautious person. I see every guy as someone who could potentially assault me. I would never even THINK about going to a guy’s place alone, when I didn’t know him that well. That being said… I went to Mr X’s house.

We spoke about seeing a movie- Suicide Squad to be specific, but it turned out he had the movie on his Amazon Fire Stick so he suggested we order a pizza and watch it at his. The offer was really tempting, but I shared with him my fears that he could be a serial killer luring my to his lair. Yes I used those exact words lol. He laughed and said he wasn’t and wanted to know what he could do to make me feel more comfortable. He gave me his address and said I could give it and his number to my parents so they’d know where I was.

I’m sure many a serial killer has used this move before, but there was something so genuine about him and there was only a small seed of doubt in my mind and so I decided to go. My sister called me shortly after I arrived to see if I was still alive, her words. I laughed and told Mr X and he joked and said “for now.” We kept up with this banter throughout the night. There was one point where I was sitting on the couch with him and started checking behind the pillows and when he asked what I was doing I said I was checking for weapons, which earned me another laugh. I was surprised at how quickly I felt comfortable around him.

In the end we couldn’t watch Suicide Squad because the quality was shit, so he let me choose a movie so I deliberately chose a soppy Romance. He looked reluctant, but agreed to go with my choice. The movie was shit! The acting was shit! We laughed through it and cringed together at how bad it was and spoke through the movie. Towards the end we were lying on the couch cuddling and he turned to look at me. He gave me that I’m gonna kiss you now look, with desire burning in his eyes and all I was thinking is HURRY UP AND KISS ME DAMN IT! Seemingly reading my mind he did. The kiss was soft at first, but things quickly got heated and intense.

I can’t deny, I was really feeling him, and I may have let things go a bit too far, but I like I said I was feeling him!! He asked me if he should get a condom and I froze. I was like What the hell am I doing? I’ve been on one date with this guy. I shook my head and being the gentleman that he is, he saw my trepidation and said that we should probably stop and I nodded. Whatever I was feeling for him grew immensely when he didn’t try to pressure me. He kissed me and we cuddled and watched another movie. I wasn’t ready to have sex with him, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t ready to get a little sexual with him. Although, we’d only met up once, we’d been talking for about 8 months and I really felt like I knew him. So… I gave him a HJ.

 kerry washington pleased touched GIF

Me looking at Mr X while he was driving

He drove me to the train station and kissed me goodbye, and again asked me to let him know when I was home safe, which I did. Again, our conversation continued as normal. I had a great time and there were brief moments when I wondered what it would have been like to sleep with him, I was really glad I waited until I was ready because… When I did… It was bloody great! 

Stay tuned for Mr X (part 3). The last installment, but definitely not the last you’ll hear of him!

-Love, Autumn x


  1. The V Pub · May 11

    Hi Autumn! Loved this post. I’m looking forward to following you and thank you for following me. Well, that sounded stalkerish! 😁


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