The Hot One

This will be a pretty short post as it will reflect the briefness of my encounter with the hot one. Lately I have been a Tinder machine. Talking to a handful of different guys and just getting myself comfortable with the idea of dating and conversing with potential dates. Usually you have to engage in small talk before the subject of a date comes up… I hate small talk, but I go along with it because it appears to be something that’s socially accepted as the norm.

Enter the hot one…

He got straight to the point and spoke about a date. I found him very attractive, he was just my type and he was asking me out! I was only in town for a week before I had to leave for work again, so I wanted to make the most of this week. I already had plans with my cousins on Friday and Saturday, plans with Mario on Tues afternoon, and Tues evening with My friend Noah and cousin Summer (I’ll talk about how that went in the next post) and I was trying to organise a day to see Mr X. I could’ve easily found the time to meet up with the hot one too!

We spoke very briefly on whatsapp. He was funny and seemed very down to earth. I could see myself getting along nicely with him. Then the bastard read and ignored me!!! I was like here we go again!!! What is it about me that chases these guys away?? Like I was actually on my best behaviour for once! I kept the weird in check, I didn’t ask any inappropriate questions and yet here I was in the same predicament as I was with Mr Smooth, Captain Obvious and Mr GIF. I rolled my eyes and thought fuck it as I deleted him from my phone.

 bye empire boy bye GIF

Fast forward a week and it’s the day before I’m leaving town. I receive this message from a number no longer saved to my phone.

I have no idea who it is, his picture is not up, plus I’ve deleted many guys from my phone recently so It could be anyone of them. I go back to Tinder because I have a hunch it might be him and when I compare the numbers I realise I’m right, so I message him. His response reads as souuurrr!

Please note the past tense… I was into you… But this sour ass attitude is very unattractive, especially because I know I’ve done nothing wrong.

 shit bye felicia not sorry you aint shit aint shit GIF

What a drama queen! It would’ve never worked between us, I need to be the most dramatic one in a relationship and he seems like he would steal my thunder!

-Love, Autumn x


  1. astoldbymua · May 3

    The worst feeling is when you’re left on read. However, it’s always good when they try to comeback and you’re no longer interested. You snooze you lose.

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    • Haha soo true, he was back for a minute and left again though, I’ll write a post about it. His responses are hilariously pathetic 😂


  2. pratseek · May 19

    My sweet girls let not react as if its a game won..when a man and a woman don’t get together it always a win-win or lose-lose..I understand how does it feel to be ignore, but being ignore or avoid is opposite person problem..


    • How so? If you’re a decent girl and don’t get together win an asshole surely it’s a win for your self respect and restraint and a lose for him for being such a dick


      • pratseek · May 19

        i understand your point.. This is how i view, its win win because even for asshole he will hurt one girl less which will help him to recover faster from his asshole behavior as he will have one less baggage of guilt to remove.. even asshole wants to be a nice man for good when the time comes..This universe is very self correcting .

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      • I kind of get your reasoning

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