Remember the hot one?

It’s funny how someone’s personality can make them ugly… 

Remember the hot one?

I was feeling bored one day and decided to message him (I’m away for work and I’m on my own so I get bored a lot). I thought to myself, surely he can’t be this pathetic to throw a little hissy fit all because he thought I wasn’t talking to him.

We started talking again on whatsapp and he was his charming self again. I smiled as I replied to his messages and then being a guy he just couldn’t help but ruin it. In fact, no it wasn’t a guy thing, it was a him thing.

I love that smiley it’s so passive aggressive lol

I mean reallyyyy???? Reallllyyyyy????

Honestly, I could type more, I could use a colourful array of explicits to describe what kind of guy I think he is, but instead I’ll let the messages speak for themselves. I couldn’t help but laugh, and that’s been the reaction from most people who’ve seen these messages, because his behaviour was just so pathetic. 

-Love, Autumn x

The next day…

At this point the only reason I hadn’t blocked him is because he wanted me to šŸ˜‚ Yes I was being deliberately difficult and no I didn’t care!

He still remains unblocked on my phone and doesn’t seem to have blocked me either. What a pathetic asshole loser!


  1. L. Rorschach · May 7

    This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read! He could have simply blocked you without stirring up a bunch of drama. It makes me wonder if he doesn’t know how blocking works. LOL

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    • Haha I knoooow šŸ˜‚ I was right about him he’s too dramatic. I could never be with someone who I feel like I have to compete with to be the most dramatic lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. well looks like you swiped left for a man and got yourself a boy/child. Looks like you kept yourself above those waves and didnt fall to his level. Although, that level is highly unfamiliar to me, maybe in pre school, but i forget.

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  3. The V Pub · May 11

    He sounds like a loser! He’s embarassed himself to no end.

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