Soo… I might be into older guys ğŸ¤”

By older guys I mean mid 30s to mid 40s. Also let me start by saying I know this is just a phase, perhaps a short one, but let me tell you how it started…

I had a dream

I’m with these two girls and we’re trying to steal info on a friends medical chart to find out if she’s okay. She’s just had a baby and the baby is home with her other friends, but she’s still at the hospital and they don’t know if she’s dead or alive. 

I’m supposed to be the look out while the other two girls try to hack the computer and check through the medical files. I hear something and go to check it out, but get lost as I’m wandering down various corridors. It’s like a maze. All of a sudden I’m carrying a cardboard box and walking in front of the Liberal Democrats’ (A British political party)  work room, Nick Clegg (the previous leader of the party, who resembles Colin Firth in this dream) sees me with the box and gets up and steps into the corridor with me and says:

“Let me guess the box has something written on it like- you’ll need this to pack up your things when you lose.”

I laugh and show him there’s nothing written and say “that would’ve been such a good idea.”

He shakes his head and we fall into step together walking further down the corridor. He speaks to me as if he knows me, as if we’ve had some thing in the past together. He tells me he’s not getting involved with me again after last time.

I give him a wry smile and challenge him, seductively- “really?”

The next minute you know we’re making out, viciously, desperately, hands all over each other. When we pull apart the two girls are staring at me, mouths open in shock. I pull away from Nick Clegg and walk away with them, without so much as a look backwards.

When I wake up 

I’m like damnn that was hot, maybe I can meet an older guy who’ll make me feel as hot as I did in that dream and so I took to Tinder. At first, I set my age limit to 28-35 and began swiping (I’m 26) I got a few matches, but then I thought no they’re not old enough! You can go older. So I changed the age limit to 35-45 and I smiled as I went on a swiping spree. I swiped some average guys and a few silver Foxes and got quite a few matches.

I have no problem with speaking first and so I sent out a whole bunch of “Hey *insert name* 😊” messages and waited.

The difference in the way these older men spoke to me was outstanding. There’s this one guy who I’ll call Mr Compliment, does just that. He showers me with them, constantly telling me how beautiful I am and how he can’t wait to take me on an incredible date. He’s an average looking guy from Norway and spoke about how great a date would be if we went there… Whoa slow down mate. 

There’s a guy who has a dog up and his dp and a caption on his profile explaining that he doesn’t put his picture up because blah blah blah! When I see that I think he’s probably ugly… Or at least thinks he is. I was intrigued so I swiped right anyway because I wanted to know how many people actually swiped right and he said surprisingly quite a few and we got to talking. I’m not interested in this Mr Invisible guy as I need to see your face to determine if I like you or not.. Maybe that makes me shallow, I think it makes me human. No one wants to invest time into someone and then meet them and end up sitting in front of Shrek for an hour!!

I had to do some self-reflection on this phase I’m going through. I asked myself if you know this is a phase are you leading these men on? Right now, I’m thinking no, as I’m genuinely interested in going on a few dates with older men to see what it’s like. I don’t want to marry a guy who’s this much older than me, but hey beggars can’t be choosers. There aren’t many guys my age knocking down my door… Apart from the ones trying to get sex 😂

Feel free to let me know if you think what I’m doing with these older guys is a terrible idea… I may be blinded by how hot my dream was and therefore not thinking clearly.

-Love, Autumn x


  1. L. Rorschach · May 10

    Not a terrible idea at all! I hear you – I am most attracted to that age bracket as well (I’m 46), but unfortunately they’re not interested in me. 😦 So I continue dating mostly early 30-somethings.

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  2. I’m into older guys. Always have been. I was 20 and dating a 38 year old. They just know how to treat you better and they’re already doing what they want to do with their life. No fucking around haha.

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