The Waiting Game

I was looking forward to seeing him. I can’t help but feel a little regret. I ask myself why I didn’t send the message after we met up. I know the answer… Because it was the right thing to do. I’ve got plans to go on dates while I’m in London and Mr X has always been honest with me so he deserves the same. I know in the long run this is for the best. What’s that saying about cutting off something in order for the stump to heal… Hmm I really shouldn’t try to use sayings I can’t remember. I hope you get my point though. Time heals all wounds (ahh that’s a better one).

I’m sitting in the airport lounge waiting to board my plane. I’ve already switched my world time to London and like a stalker my eye is on the clock because it’s 4:10 and I know he gets up at 6:15 and by 6:20 he would’ve checked his phone, Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp. I’ve seen him do it on mornings when I’ve been lying in bed next to him. He’s very predictable like that, a creature of habit. In a way it doesn’t leave much room for mystery and spontaneity, but I kind of like that I can track his movements πŸ˜‚ okay I’m sounding more and more like a stalker.

If I know him, he won’t reply straight away though. He’ll read it, but he won’t reply until later- lunch time or maybe after work. He’ll drag it out, he’s done it before. I don’t blame him this time, it’s only fair that he take some time to think about what he really wants after all I’ve spent a lot of time doing that myself, which is how we ended up here. He will reply though… Whenever that may be. So for now…

It’s time to play the waiting game!

Love, Autumn x


  1. Isn’t waiting hard and painful!! Very well related your emotions!!

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  2. L. Rorschach · May 23

    I’m sitting here on pins & needles! Can hardly wait for an update.

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