I just got my nipples pierced!!!


The piercing shop is supposed to open at 12, I arrive at 12:08- the shop is locked, no one is there. There’s a number on the door in case you need to call the owner, so I call and leave a message for her to call me back. I decide to kill time and look for more hair stuff to buy. I’ve already spent Β£55 in the hair shop buying things I really don’t need. I only went in there for a couple things… I have a problem πŸ™ˆ


I head back to the piercing shop and it’s open!! YESSSS!!! 😍 The woman in there, I think her name was Sam, she tells me to take a seat, she’ll be right with me. I’m shitting myself! I’m so nervous, my heart is pounding. I’m looking at the pictures of the different piercings that plaster the walls, some in really weird places like cheeks, fingers, a stud in the middle of your bottom lip. Each to their own, I think.

Suddenly more people enter the shop, 5-6 people and Sam tells me she’ll be right with me. My heart pounds even harder against my chest. My mind is a blur of piercing related thoughts: will this hurt? How much will it hurt? Will I bleed? How much will I bleed? How long will it take to heal? 


Sam calls me into the back room. She asks for ID- you have to be over 16. I’m 26, so I feel well chuffed that she carded me 😌 #babyface. Sam asks me if she’s done my friend’s piercings and I told her my cousin Sunset recommended her. She tells me a lot of people have been coming in to get their nipples pierced recently. She then double checks that I want both done and when I say yes she asks if I want anaesthetic… Hell yes woman!! She warns me it costs more with anaesthetic. Even if it cost Β£50 more I’d choose anaesthetic πŸ˜‚

She tells me to lift up my T-shirt and my bra. Luckily I have nipples that are constantly erect so they’re already standing at attention and ready for her. She uses some metal contraption to hold the nipple in place and begins to spray it heavily with the anaesthetic. She warns me that it might burn a little and the nipple may turn a greyish color. I look down and sure enough my nipple is grey and daaaammmmnnnn it burns!!!! I look away and wince as I feel the pressure of the rod being pushed through. It’s painful, but quick and before I know it she’s screwing on the balls at the end of the rod. She does the other nipple which bleeds. She tells me it’s normal. After doing the last nipple Sam tells me that my nipples are tough and that it’s a good thing I opted for the anaesthetic because otherwise it would’ve hurt way more. More than that??? Shit 😭

She covers the piercings with adhesive dressings and tells me to remove them tomorrow. When she asks if I know what to clean it with I say “Salt and water!” knowing that’s what I’ve used for my other piercings. She says yes and recommends that I use rock salt. I’m supposed to leave the dressing on until tomorrow. Sam recommends regular pain killers if I need them. I pay and thank her, commenting on how quick she was.


I walk out of the shop, my breasts feel sooo  heavy, they’re throbbing and my chest feels really tight as well. I go to Sainsburys and buy two small jars of rock salt then go to The pharmacy for cocodomol pills and take them immediately (regular pain killers don’t do shit for me). Next I go to Superdrug and buy a couple more adhesive dressings as I plan to clean the area and put them back on when I see Mr X tomorrow. Sorry babe, this area is off limits to you for now. If you touch them and hurt me I may kill you πŸ˜‡

I walk to the station in such a weird way lol my arms are up in a way that I’m protecting my chest area in case sometime accidentally bumps into me. The whole walk, all I think about is what would happen if I fall over and land on them! I planned to get a wax afterwards, but that was a stupid idea as I won’t be able to lie on my front. I obviously didn’t think this through. 

I’m sooooo happy I got my nipples pierced even if they’re still throbbing now at 17:00. 

The place I went to is called Marmalade Park and it’s located in Stratford Inshop for anyone who’s from London and interested in getting theirs done. She’s really good and it only cost me Β£35 including anaesthetic.

-Love, Autumn x


  1. nkdwhtguy · May 28

    Love this story!

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