Slumber party with Mr X

Thought I had uploaded this already… My bad lol this happened Thursday- Friday.

It’s 7:04 and guess where I am? 😏 On the train home from seeing Mr X! Let’s rewind to yesterday.

The plan was to meet Mr X at 4:15pm at the station in our usual spot. I bought my train ticket, it would come in at 4:12pm perfect! I was spending the night so I packed a bag and headed out the door, feeling pretty damn cute in my summer dress and rocking my curly fro. 

Of course the train had delays. Of course I’d forgotten the banana bread I made. Hell no! I was not about to turn up without it again so I turned around and headed back home. Because of the delay I wasn’t too far from home anyway. When I got back home my mum asked me what I was doing back and I didn’t wanna tell her I’d come back to get banana bread lol so I said I thought I’d forgotten my keys. I also had Mr X’s birthday present and cRd with me, but I took them out if my bag as I knew he’d be all awkward about receiving a gift from me and I didn’t wanna anything to ruin the vibe because I wanted him on his top form for sex! 

Side note: the gift was nothing big, just a scratch map because I know he wants to travel the world and I thought it would be nice for him to be able to scratch the places he’s already been off the map as a way to keep track. I was buying one for myself and thought hey why not pick up an extra. No doubt in his mind, when I told him I got him a little something, he was thinking something along the lines of oh no she got me a gift, what does this mean, I hope she’s not falling for me, this is a bit relationshipy isn’t it? Damn how do I get out of this? Does she expect me to get her a gift for her birthday?  Calm down mate it’s just a gift and we’re just friends… Who occasionally get all tangled up in each other lol.

I’m texting Mr X and keeping him up to date on where I am. Turns out I’m probably going to arrive like 30 mins later than expected. Here’s Mr X’s response to that.

He’s not wrong lol I’m consistently late and I was more than happy to let him take the blame. When I was almost there, he called me and gave me some directions to where he would be. Apparently he wasn’t meeting me in our spot afterall.

Fast forward and I’m at his house. He offerred me a drink from his limited range and I chose a fizzy water, which I told him tasted like yogurt- it was strawberry and kiwi flavoured. For the rest of the night I drank water. I put on Netflix and began looking for something to watch. Mr X came into the room and we kissed 😍 I love kissing him. I love kissing anyone who’s a good kisser- it’s an instant turn on for me. He looked at me and told him he was horny and gestured to his dick, which was straining against his work pants… I grinned and felt him up a little before he left to take a shower. 

When he came back we made out on the couch and got each other off! He came, I came (although no orgasm), but we didn’t have sex. After we finished he grinned and said round 1. Then went upstairs to clean himself up. Afterwards Mr X said he wanted to start dinner straight away and headed to the kitchen. I did my usual and stood in the doorway watching him for a while. As he chopped up vegetables he asked me if I wanted to make his lunch for him (for work tomorrow) while he was cooking. I grinned and said YESSSS!! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST LUNCH YOU’VE EVER HAD! He laughed and rolled his eyes. 

I followed his instructions for his 7 item lunch. Yup that’s how many items he always has for lunch- like I said before, he’s a creature of habit. I counted 6 items and told him there’s something missing. Hr smiled and said what do all lunches need. I shrugged. He asked- what was the main thing you had in your lunchbox as a kid. I grinned and said A SANDWICH! He watched me closely as I made it and chose what sauces I wanted to put on it πŸ˜‚ it felt so domestic it made me laugh.

We ate dinner at the table for once, usually we eat on trays in front of the telly but it was nice to just sit, eat and talk. He spoke about work and I had him answer a few questions to do with water and gases. We spoke about movies and what we should watch later and decided on Just go with it.

I love this movie! We cuddled up to watch it and laughed throughout. Half way through we had the best sex we’ve ever had. I actually felt like he was really trying to make me orgasm, he’d frequently pull out to make it last longer, something he’d never done before. He was just so passionate and the way he kissed me during… Everything felt so different… Intimate, intense. I loved it! 

After we finished we had to rewind the movie to catch up on what we’d missed. We chilled for a bit and had a social media break after the movie finished, where we were both on our phones for a little bit. I came straight here to WordPress to read some blog posts and he was on Facebook watching videos and commenting on a controversial post about racism. He then posed a question to me about racism…  Not that I remember what it was or even how I responded. I know we spoke about patriotism and how for some reason, flying the  England (but not british) flag is seen as offensive to those who aren’t English. I said I thought it was ridiculous. We then spoke about terrorism, the two more recent attacks in Westminster and Manchester and the people on the terrorist watch list. 

While we were still on our social media beak I kept stopping and looking around because I was hearing a noise. First it was a whirring sound which Mr X said was the fridge that I broke because I kept leaving it open πŸ™„ Then I heard a banging and he said that maybe it was a ghost. I love that kind of thing so he was joking with the wrong person. I was like- “maybe it’s a spirit,” he laughed and told me not to talk about those things. So of course I continued “or maybe it’s a demon.” This led to some play fighting where he was grabbing my arms and legs so I couldn’t move and then tickling me. I am sooo ticklish I ended up in the floor. I kept trying to explain that I know an exorcism chant (from the TV show Supernatural) and that it may save his life one day, but he wasn’t having any of it. I got pushed off the couch again no sooner than I got back on it lol. I finally settled for simply texting the full chant to him. When his phone dinged he looked at me and I smiled sweetly and said, I sent you a little something specialπŸ˜‚ He laughed and said he was deleting it without reading. 

We both put our phones down and watched a bit more telly. He was trying to show me this comedian that he liked… The guy was okay, but I laughed appreciatively anyway. When it was time to head upstairs I wrapped the blanket around myself and told him I was sleeping downstairs because he said he was sleep deprived last time (remember that conversation we had last time where I said I’d never sleep in his bed again?). He rolled his eyes and told me I wasn’t sleeping downstairs and I argued that I was! He shrugged and then smiled as he turned off the light in the room and began to leave and I said “don’t leave me!” Lol it was dark as hell down there and I didn’t wanna be alone with the demon so I went upstairs with him.

I was rocking my curly fro and had plans to go out the next night so I began to do my night time hair routine. Oil, putting it up in a pineapple and then… I pulled out my silk scarf ready to tie up my hair. I’ve never done this in front of a guy before. Mr X was watching me curiousity on his face, so I answered his silence by explaining that this is my night time routine for this hairstyle. He kept staring!! I was like- stop staring at me!! He looked so fascinated and kept telling me to carry on and to put my scarf thingy on. I ended up putting my satin bonnet on later on after lights out. 

Mr X has 4 pillows on his bed, I took 3 to arrange around myself as I like to feel closed in when I’m sleeping. I also put my satin pillowcase on one of his pillows. He looked at me confused and I told him to feel the pillowcase and he’ll understand- he did, and said it felt really nice. πŸ’πŸΎ

It was such a hot night so Mr X suggested we leave the window open, but I said no because I sleep closest to the window. He told me its really hot and that the blinds are closed so it wouldn’t be too bad but I was adamant I didn’t want it open. Looking back who do I think I am though, it’s not my house lol. Less than 5 mins later I was opening the window and ignoring the smug look on Mr X’s face, while assuring him I was opening it only because I wanted to.

We usually cuddle for a little bit before rolling over and sleeping separately the way we both need to, to actually get some sleep. It was strange, he was cuddling me a lot longer than usual. Even when I got too hot and rolled over, he rolled over too and wrapped his arms around me pulling me in close. It felt nice to be held  like that but I was so bloody hot, I moved away from him again. He finally got the message and rolled over and we both went to sleep. There were times during the night where we’d end up cuddling again for a little while- that night was a real cuddle fest!

The next morning I woke up at about 4:30am. I knew I was done with sleep, in his bed at least, I had no work so I’d have a nap when I got home. Mr X was still asleep so I got up went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and got back into bed. He rolled over and I lay my head on his chest and closed my eyes for a bit. I felt him up but he wasn’t having any of it πŸ˜‚ He had work so he was trying to get as much sleep as he could. So I killed time on my phone until about 6am when his alarm went off! We had some morning sex and when he pulled out he had left me a little present lol he left the condom behind. We laughed as I pulled it out and handed it to him and he gave me an apologetic smile before disappearing to get cleaned up. I was pretty much dressed and just fixing my hair when he told me not to take too long.

Mate I’m more ready than you are DAMN!

He drove me to the station, we made out in the car and said our goodbyes, which brings me to where I am right now. On the train feeling sexually satisfied and perfectly sore in all the right places.


  1. L. Rorschach · May 28


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  2. chelsealee7 · May 30

    Men are so frustrating! I can’t read this guy! He doesn’t want a relationship with you, but he is giving you all the damn signs!?

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    • Lol tell me about it! I think he genuinely enjoys being with me, but we don’t have a future so that’s why he doesn’t want to bother wasting time trying a relationship. I don’t either, as much as I like him, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to fall for someone I know I’ll never end up with.

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