A date with The Magician (part 1)

After I binned my top 3 Tinderites, I thought I’d feel a sense of regret, maybe even a little loss as my stack of messages dwindled, but I felt nothing. I guess it goes to show how much I was really into them. There was a 4th I hadn’t really spoken much about at the time. In my previous post I mentioned that I couldn’t think of a name for him yet, but after last night’s date there’s only one name that could suit him- The Magician!

Let me start at the beginning. I won’t bore you too much about our small talk on Tinder and how he came over to my whatsapp, but instead I’ll give you the jest of the chat: Small talk > interests> a little naughty talk (usually this annoys me, but it was soo slight and I enjoyed it so I let it go) > potentional date ideas > date.

The Date

We agreed to meet up at Bank station- he’d find us somewhere to go once we were there. It’s funny I’m the Londoner, whereas he’s originally from up North, yet he knew more places than me. He actually told me I should be the one showing him where things are, so I proceeded to point things out, like the station we just exited, a red bus and a half moon in the sky. He laughed and asked me if I remembered the Jaffa Cake ad “full moon, half moon, total eclipse”– I did lol

He was a real gentleman, a ladies first kind of guy, I really liked it. Although I wasn’t sure how attracted to him I was on first glance; he spoke like he was wearing a retainer, he had freckles and a comb over- not my usual type. I feel like a real bitch for nit picking these little things, but they came to my mind, so I’m just being honest. Anyways I ignored the judgement and the need for me to find something wrong with him.

We got drinks and we sat and chatted for an hour or so. It felt like we were old friends catching up over a drink. The conversation flowed so smoothly and I didn’t feel as shy as I felt with Mr X or Mario. We spoke about:

  • Our families– he’s the baby of his family, 2 older sisters (just like Mr X). He showed me pictures of his nieces and nephews, which were so damn adorable!
  • Hobbies– I love books! I spoke about the genres I enjoyed and he took the mick when I told him about the last book I read- A Court of Wings and Ruin- Sara Maas, which is a fantasy about Fairies and other mythological creatures. He told me he reads Dan Brown and his books have made him want to visit certain places in the world because of what an avid descriptor he is. The magician is into politics and astrology/astronomy (one of those), he looked so passionate when describing something to me… something that went through one ear and out the other as I tried to grasp a little understanding of what he was saying.
  • Travel- Where we’ve been, where we want to go next.
  • Tinder experiences- How many people we’ve met up with/ slept with from Tinder etc… we were very open with each other, but it was easy because I felt like I was just casually chatting to a mate. I told him about Silver Fox and the invite to the wedding- he looked just as shocked as I did when I received the message and agreed it was too quick. He asked about my age range and I told him about the dream I had that led me to begin swiping for older guys. I could tell he was struggling to keep a straight face while I was retelling the dream and once I was finished he laughed aloud then paused, looked at me and laughed again.

When we had first began discussing potential date ideas, The Magician had suggested we go for a drink. I agreed but said I wanted to do something fun as well, so he suggested a ping pong bar or a mini golf bar. While on the date he brought up what we were going to do on date 2- confident guy. I said I wanted ping pong, but he wanted mini golf because he said he was rubbish at ping pong. We went back and forth until I said I like to get my way… I always get my way. He then said he definitely didn’t want to give me my own way now and said he’d need convincing… I could tell he was hinting at a kiss. In my head he’d have to do more than hint to get one. Besides, at this point I wasn’t even sure if i wanted to kiss him.

When he went to get a second round of drinks, I did my usual and asked him not to spike my drink- I even made him take a taste first. He laughed and took a sip then said I should be less paranoid about guys… I’m alive and well because I’m careful for the most part 👀 and so I’ll keep doing things my way. When he asked what drink I wanted, I had said to surprise me… He came back with the same drink I ordered the first time (he was paying attention well done), and tequila shots 😩

Last time I had tequila shots I felt like death the next morning. I was hesitant and said this to him and he laughed and asked what else I had drank that night… The list was long lol. He said he didn’t wanna do the shot alone and flashed me a look I couldn’t say no to and next minute you know, he’s sprinkling the salt onto the back of my hand. We clinked glasses and did our shots…. Only I’m terrible at doing shots so while he was biting his lemon, I still had the tequila swirling around in my mouth like a nutter! He looked over and said you’re not supposed to keep it in your mouth like that quickly swallow it. I did and sucked on the lemon. Then he got all concerned asking if I was alright, so me being me, of course I milked it and said wow I almost lost my life back there… so to make up for it we should definitely agree on ping pong. He stared me down a little then burst out laughing and called me dramatic. He ended up agreeing to ping pong on date 2 and said we’d do mini golf on date 3.

I’ve never pre-planned a second date whilst barely into the first, let alone a third date. I didn’t think too much into it, but thought it would be nice if we made it to date 3, because I was enjoying myself with him and yeah I liked him, but if it didn’t  work out I knew I could say that at least I had a good first date.

The more we spoke and laughed and made little digs at each other, the more attractive he became to me. Then I began to wonder what it would be like to kiss him. Maybe I was shooting off some signals because he moved closer to me and put his arm around me and showed me this message I had sent him the night before😅

Then skillfully and in the most charming, sexy, romantic, movie-like way, he tipped my chin and kissed me. Have I mentioned I loveee kissing?? I love it even more when a guy is very talented and his kissing style matches my own. We made out for ages like a couple of teenagers!! Afterwards, he sighed as he leaned back against the chair and said he felt like he was 13 again.

We had crazy sexual chemistry!!!!

We started kissing again, we kissed for ages until his hand started exploring my thigh and I moved his hand away and told him he was being naughty. I find that guys like it when I call them naughty, bad, dirty… Some even get turned on, in fact most do. The Magician put my hand on his crotch to show he was hard and I shook my head and took a sip from my glass- he grinned. I know he sounds like Mr sleazy right now, but in the moment it did’t feel like it at all.

I wonder if I sound like I’ve got low standards or self-respect right about now?

When he finished his second drink he said we could get another round at the next bar. I had no idea that was the plan, but I was having a good time so I finished mine then let him lead the way. We held hands as we walked down the street… WE HELD HANDS!! I don’t usually like holding hands, like I wont do it! I hadn’t even realised, that’s how natural it felt. When I finally looked down and realised, I stopped walking and told him I hate holding hands, he laughed and said he did too, but we continued holding hands as we walked to the next place. While walking I told him I had just got my nipples pierced, he wanted to see them. I laughed and told him its not like I could whip them out on the street… Sigh don’t judge me lol we found a little alley way and I said fine, you can see one nipple and gave him a little peek… He told me the bar was by the river and I asked him which one. He laughed and said there’s only one main river in London, so I told him that wasn’t true and began to name fake rivers. He then said it’s the one on Eastenders (British Soap/TV show) and began to hum the theme tune.

The bar was packed and lots of people were sitting outside, on the wall in front of the Thames. I was daydreaming while we were by the bar, cant even remember about what… I think I was a little tipsy, I’m a real lightweight. Mr Magician then asked if I wanted to get the next round. I felt a little horrified that I hadn’t offered. I was so busy enjoying myself that I hadn’t offered to pay for anything once. I felt bad because I always do, I don’t believe a guy should have to pay for everything when you go out (just my own views) so when he said that I was like yes of course. He then washed away any tension I was feeling by talking about how its 2017, gotta have gender equality- he made me laugh and feel at ease.

We walked outside and I hopped up onto the wall and he stood in between my legs and we made out some more in between sips of our drinks. He looked so tortured as he kept saying how badly he wanted to take me back to his… of course you do, I’m a catch! I thought, as the alcohol boosted my confidence. I told him I couldn’t do that, and that if i slept with him, I’d probably never hear from him again. He said it wasn’t true, but i simply shrugged and took a sip of my drink. He went on to say, if I wanted to be a pessimist think of it like this- if we sleep together, i’ll want to see you again, even if its just to have sex again. I laughed and said what if it’s bad sex, he merely grinned and said if he’s involved it couldn’t be… Daaamn he was right…

Continued in Part 2

-Love, Autumn x




  1. L. Rorschach · June 3

    😍 What an awesome date! Can’t wait to hear more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chelsealee7 · June 4

    Can’t wait to hear more!! Living vicariously through you right now, as I am having a lull 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha it’ll be up later today! I was having a huge lull before this so I’m just hoping to keep up the momentum. My work abroad makes it difficult though but at least I’ve only got 2 weeks left til I’m done with it 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      • chelsealee7 · June 4

        That’s good to hear!! I need to get out of this lull! Happy to hear you are safe after the London attack. My sis lives in London, so it is all near and dear to my heart. Stay safe!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thankyou 😊 it’s good to hear your loved ones are safe too!

        Liked by 1 person

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