Politics and a phone call from Mr X

Let me start of by saying that me and Mr X rarely speak on the phone. When we first started talking I managed to get him on there once or twice, or when I had things I needed to discuss with him like wanting to see him more, wanting more sex/ foreplay etc… But recently not unless he was calling to see if I had reached the station so he could pick me up.

I was on the phone to my mate Noah at the time at first just gossiping with him, each of us discussing our dating lives. Then I started to tell him about how Mr X and I weren’t talking over a political disagreement…

Without getting into it too deeply ( partly because I don’t know enough on the subject), the U.K. Recently had an election where the two main political parties are labour and conservatives. Mr X was voting for the conservatives and was tying to explain to me his reasoning. I didn’t think I’d even get to vote as I was just getting off the plane, having come home early because of being too ill to work. My dad picked me up from the station and wanted to head straight to the polling centre so that meant I’d get to vote afterall. Only thing is I still had no idea who to vote for. So I asked Mr X to give me the jist on both sides.

Mr X wrote essays worth of information, but I’m not stupid if he’s a Tory (conservative) supporter, I know that what he tells me will be biased. There was a lot on Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the Labour Party) and his links to terrorist organisations. Slander/ rumours / classic negative campaigning? Who knows?! I told him that Corbyn seemed like such a humanitarian that I couldn’t believe such things about him. I said he seems like he really wants to do good. He then asked if he could show me some videos and I said okay.

One video was pretty much a compilation making Corbyn out to be a bad guy, the other was a captivating speech by Teresa May (Tory leader). I love listening to her speak, she’s so passionate and she draws me in. In the end I told Mr X that I wasn’t passionate about either side, but that I didn’t want to not vote so I’d probably go with the party my family has always put their support behind- labour.

This is where things went a little sour…

First I felt like he tried to manipulate me by saying that I’m an extremely intelligent person and the fact that we’re so close makes him want to show me what he believes. 

πŸ˜‘ the fact that we’re so close…

I ignored this and continued on in the conversation until…

He annoyed me and I just felt so tired of the politics talk. Earlier on in the conversation he said maybe we should stop talking about this and I agreed and yet somehow it spiralled into this.

The next day the whole of Britain woke up to a hung parliament, which meant that no party gained enough seats to completely take power (I must be explaining this so poorly). Basically I think both conservatives and labour have to work together now… Please correct me if I’m wrong though lol

I didn’t think I’d hear from him… He was probably grieving over the result.. Like I said he’s really passionate about this stuff. Me on the other hand, I knew that no matter who gained power, I’d roll with the punches and just get on with it. Don’t make sense dwelling on it when we all know that all politicians are a bunch of liars who don’t come through on half their promises anyway. 

Voting day was Thursday, I didn’t hear from him the whole of Friday and then today I get his call. I put Noah on hold and answered. Mr X sounded… Serious, he asked if I had time to talk. His voice reminded me of how a guy sounds when he’s about to break up with you. I told him I was on the other line, he said okay don’t worry about it.  I asked if I could call him back when I was finished and he said okay.

So I did…

And do you know what he said to me?

As I mentally prepared myself for him to say something along the lines of we’re just too different, I think we should stop whatever it is we’re doing. 

Mr X said he called to APOLOGISE!!!

Umm… Excuse me? Say that again…

He said he felt bad about how he acted and some of the things he said to me and wanted to apologise. I was stunned. I accepted his apology and said I understood, he got very passionate and it was nice that he felt the need to apologise to me. He said he didn’t wanna get into the specifics  (of what he was apologising for? I have no idea).

After that we chatted a little, with my sister in the background saying things like- the whole family hates you and don’t get me vex- when he joked and told me to tell her to stop trying to talk to me because we were having an important conversation. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It is clear how she feels about him. When we got off the phone she said wow it’s so much easier to hate him now that there’s a new guy in your life. She seemed almost blissful as he said it, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I must say I was surprised by the phone call, even more so when he made a comment about me meeting his mum. I think it was just a slip of the tongue, but he said- my mum wouldn’t like you and she hasn’t even met you yet. I was thinking- mate I’m never meeting your mum!! A tiny bit of context, I said his to do list, that he has on his wall, was shit and he said his mum wrote it, so I was trying to back track and he said after he tells her she won’t like me. Oh well lol

Anyways I did what I do best when it comes to Mr X related things… I ignored it and moved on lol πŸ™ˆ

He made reference to me coming over but I’m no longer helping him, if he wants me over he needs to flat out say it and give me dates. The magician told me to let him know when I’m feeling better so we can meet up again, but I’m starting to feel like something is off there so I dunno. My sister said I’m overthinking it and I need to go back to tinder and keep swiping so I don’t put too much focus and energy on him. She’s right. I did a little swiping tonight and got a few cute matches, we’ll see what happens, but for now I’m off to bed.

-Love, Autumn x

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