A bloody awesome date

Friday: 28th July 2017

He’s at the bar as I’m writing this lol I’m having so much fun that I couldn’t even wait til I got home to start writing. I really want this post to be filled with the feeling I’m feeling right now, if you know what I mean. I definitely take a little while to warm up to somebody, it was that case with Mr X and the magician and the same goes for the pirate. 

He is such a great hang! He’s made me laugh Sooo much without even trying really it’s so damn natural it’s crazy. We have these moments when we just look at each other and start laughing. What the hell we’re laughing at I have no idea. It’s not awkward at all.

He’s coming back!!! Lol

The rest I wrote after the date like a normal person.

I’m a bit of a weirdo, which I think a lot of you have already figured out at his point so when I told him my cousins and sister call me Spilly because of my tendency to spill drinks and he thought I said smelly, he leaned into my neck smelled me and said its not true lol. He proceeded to keep leaning in and smelling me and said I smelled great. I’m aware this may sound weird or creepy but that’s what made me enjoy it even more haha πŸ˜… what am I like? 

Let me rewind a bit though.

The pirate came compliments of Tinder as most of my guys do these days. He was everything I wanted from the magician- attentive, responsive and he actually made an effort organising a time to meet up. I put a little pressure on him by saying I wanted to do something fun, beyond the normal realm of sitting drinking and talking. He took me to this bar in shoreditch where there was live music but neither of us had cash to pay entry and they wouldn’t take card so we ended up sitting and talking after all. We sat on this bench and at several points in the night people came over and asked if they could sit, as there were several stools around the table we were sitting at. 

This one group of girls who sat down kept looking at us and one girl said are you on a tinder date? I was like how the hell does she know that?? When we said yes she laughed and said I knew it then asked the pirate what he’d rate the date so far out of ten. He said ten straight away making the girls swoon with ooohs and ahhhs. Charmer! I reciprocated with a ten and after they squealed a bit they said they’d leave us to it and chose to sit at a table that had just become free.

The couple that took their place were too wrapped up in each other to bother us, but the man had a laugh that could disturb people at the other end of the bar! It was so damn loud. The pirate and I kept exchanging glances every time he laughed. At first it was funny but then it got annoying because we were trying to talk. Laughing man aside, the rest of the night went smoothly. He was a perfect gentleman and he paid for everything even though I offered to buy a round. 

A few things about the pirate:

  1. He’s a 29 year old musician 
  2. He has shoulder length hair 
  3. He’s mums only son and has 2 younger sisters
  4. He has nice lips 😏
  5. He once dressed up at Jack Sparrow and has a picture of it… Super hot! We’ve already agreed that if there’s a date 5 he has to wear it. I have to play guitar and sing because for some reason he thinks I’m a really good singer just because I have a picture of me and my guitar on tinder lol. I can hold a note but I’m no Rihanna. O Na Na!

I have this thing I do where I put a time limit on a date to give myself an out in case the guy is boring, so I told him in advance that I had to leave at 10pm because I had work early the next day. We were meeting for 8:30pm but he agreed. He arrived at wary at 8 and of course I arrived late at 8:40pm. I honestly felt so bad. I was messaging him along the way and bless him he was really cool about it and said he went to get a coffee and was people watching. 

The reason I bring up the time thing is because we talked until the bar closed after 3am. My little curfew flew out of the window. We drank cocktails and I told him that I’m allergic to vodka (it makes me ill for daysss even if I only have a sip of it. I told him how crazy vodka makes me and he joked about ordering every vodka based drink from the menu. True to my nickname I spilled my drink twice. The pirate did this thing where he moved my legs away from the table and said he was protecting them from getting wet but really he seemed to be copping a feel. I laughed and told him I was on to him then called me a perv which we both laughed at.

There was a porn like video on the screen in the bar with a woman walking about with her tits out and somehow it led us to the topic of porn. It was a hilarious conversation and somehow I came out of it a bigger perv than him. We were quite open with each other about what we liked to watch genre etc… And I accused him of having a fetish for black girls which he laughed at and denied.

There were several moments when we were sitting close to each other, when we would just stare at each other. I wanted him to kiss me and I think he was gauging if it would be alright, then he finally leaned in, gently held my chin and kissed me so softly and tenderly. It was amazing and I wanted more! When he kissed me again I grabbed his face and our kisses turned more passionate and desperate as I ran my fingers through his shoulder length hair and he gently bit my lip. When we pulled apart we smiled at each other like a pair of school kids who just had their first kiss.

Because of how late it was none of my siblings were awake and I didn’t have a key so I felt pretty fucked. I didn’t know where I’d be sleeping. After freaking out a little my older brother phoned me and told me to come and crash at his. The pirate said he was happy I sorted things and that if anything he would’ve just paid for me to stay at the holiday inn tonight. He’s so damn cute!

I’m really glad I went on this date, we’re going out again on Thursday. The moral of the story is- just go on the date even if you’re not really feeling it, he could turn out to be pretty damn great ☺️

Love, Autumn x


  1. L. Rorschach · July 31

    OMG. Yay! I’m so glad it went so well and I can’t wait to hear more! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. nbratscott · July 31


    Liked by 2 people

  3. geminilvr · July 31

    good advice – glad you had fun πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

  4. CAHL7 · July 31

    Love! Good for you for taking the plunge! Hilarious that you started writing about your date, on your date! Lol πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 2 people

  5. indiangirldating · July 31

    so so so happy for you! ❀ πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  6. jillianmrks · July 31

    Laughter is such an important part of a relationship. Good for you! My man still makes me laugh (and still makes me everything else) after 13 years πŸ™‚ Best of luck on this one, Autumn. Sounds like you are off to a brilliant start!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. sex line stories · July 31

    good for you! im so glad you had a great time

    Liked by 1 person

  8. thekaleidoscopeh · August 4

    The way your post began was the cutest thing I’ve recently read! I’m so glad your date was this great! I hope your second date went well too!

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