Date 3 with the pirate

Sooo I saw the pirate again last night.

I went to this virtual reality gaming place with my friend Noah which was shit, and had plans to meet the pirate at 6. It was 3pm and we were bored stiff so we decided to leave. I told Noah that I was going to see if the pirate could meet up earlier and he said he was just about to suggest that we all go for a drink somewhere in Central (London).

I messaged the pirate 

I sat there smiling from ear to ear when I realised I’d see him soon.

Noah forgot his ID so we went to his then made our way to Waterloo. I was happy that we got there before the pirate and for once he wouldn’t have to wait for me… Sighh you won’t believe what happened.

Noah got me into this game called fight list and we sat down and started playing it while we waited for him to arrive. I was struggling connecting to wifi and something told me to turn it off and check whatsapp… I found out he messaged me… He had been here for 20 mins. 

I felt like such a dick!

I called him and apologised, explaining what had happened, he just laughed and said it was okay. When he came over he gave me a hug and shook Noah’s hand as I introduced them. Then he kissed me and we set off to the bar. While the men got beers, I opted for a lemonade because I was still recovering from the worst hangover in my life (lasted 2 and a half days). That black out drunk experience is not one I ever want to relive again seriously, I was a disgusting mess but at least I was with my cousins and at an old mates house 🙈 haven’t seen the guy in 15 years and that’s how I end up… Shameful, although a little less shameful knowing he passed out before I did 🤔

Anyway I’m off track- drunk night = no alcohol. Noah, the pirate and I played a game called cards against humanity. I still think they were colluding against me… And I accused them of it, but they both just laughed 😑 to be fair, Noah was winning fair and square, but I’ve always been a bit of a sore loser. At one point I told each of them that we were in a fight, again they just laughed. 

I don’t know what possessed me but when Noah offered to get the next round I opted for a cider…. Mistake. I had just about gotten better, I was no longer feeing sick, but the cider took me back and I started feeling queasy again, so I stuck to water the rest of the night. I took the opportunity to ask each of them what they thought of the other when I was alone with them. They both pretty much said the same thing- I like him he’s a cool guy. Seriously they got on like a house on fire, I was Sooo happy I couldn’t stop smiling.

When Noah went to the bar to order food, the pirate leaned in a whispered into my ear- you look so beautiful, I know I’ve said this already, but I’m a lucky lucky man. I really like you. When I looked at his face, he looked like he really meant it and it was so unexpected and felt so raw that I became overwhelmed with emotion and kinda just froze a little. He asked if I was okay and I nodded and forced a smile, willing back tears. Later when we were messaging I told him how I felt and that his words really touched me.

Noah left us to go home and sleep after he’d eaten. We made out in our booth and he got a little handsy and bitey lol. He did this thing where he held my neck tightly as our kissing got more intense, I found it very hot, such a turn on. It reminded me of what the magician used to do during sex… Maybe choking is really “in” right now. After we left the bar things went a little down hill.

He told me he had planned to take me to dinner in Covent Garden but we were having so much fun with Noah, he thought we’d just leave it for another time. He wasn’t mad or upset, I just think he wanted me to know he had planned something and made an effort which was nice to know. 

Where it went down hill is the walking.

At first it was nice, walking hand in hand through the streets of London, making jokes, me pretending to be a tour guide spewing out random fake facts about the city. We saw these concrete slabs that had famous people etched into them and what they had achieved and followed them. He started being a creep and talking about Jack the Ripper while leading me down a dark alley and when I screamed and held on his arm because I saw a mouse, he jumped clutching his chest and told me I scared him lol

My legs started hurting, chafing and I was losing the will to live and it didn’t seem like he had a plan or knew where he was going but he was doing that man thing where they pretend they’ve got every under control- a human compass. Eventually we get to Soho after me complaining, dragging my feet and him giving me a piggy back ride, but everywhere is closing down. We then head to Covent Garden. I tell him that the reason I don’t like walking is because when I was 12 years old I got hit by a car and shattered my femur and broke my hip so it’s painful for me to walk long distances. 

Pirate (P)-Really?

Me- yeah, but I’m good, I bounced ba just, I’m a real survivor.

P-are you serious?

Me- yesss I am

P- (stares at me) are you fucking with me?

I smile sweetly and say  yeah and call him gullible. He laughed and said damn it, I knew it! And when I said I did get stung by a bee once he laughed at the comparison between the two. This became a theme of theme of the night him bringing up insects like- oh and don’t forget the moth incident of 2006 and I’d already have a bullshit story lined up for it.

We finally got to Covent Garden which I had never been to before and sat on this really cute flower decorated bench. Where we made out and talked the rest of the night. I was lying back with my head on his lap when I decided to bring up something he said while at the bar with Noah. It was just that he was going to a Caribbean restaurant on Tuesday. I said- Sooo Caribbean restaurant and he said yeah, all smiles, no idea what I had in store for him.

Me-hmm okay

Pirate (P)- what is it?

Me- nothing (turn away)

P- I’m going with the band after the interview.

Me- hmm okay, I guess you just forgot what Tuesday is

P- oh shit tell me

Me- Naaah it’s all good, I guess it just wasn’t that important to you.

He starts racking his brain coming up with lots of random ideas and I’m like no don’t worry about it it’s fine. He says I have have no idea what it is and starts apologising. Then he looks at me and says you’re fucking with me again aren’t you and I burst out laughing. Seriously he’s so gullible. I may seem like a nightmare to some of you, but I was pretty sure that it would be in line with his type of humour so the joke was a success. He simply kissed me after and said that he should’ve trusted his instincts because he had already told me that Tuesday was the one day he definitely couldn’t do this week. 

After chatting some more we kept looking back at one of the stores behind us, they all had glass windows so you could see straight through them. We would look at each other and nod our heads over to where the shop was. Then I said are you thinking what I’m thinking? He said yeah and I said let’s do it right now let’s go and he said you first so I was like okay cool here’s the plan. First we dance over to the store like a bunch of crazy kids then I jump kick you through the glass so it shatters and we’re inside now my story will be that I simply had a leg spasm. He is nodding along at this point then I say I’ll bend down looking like I’m helping you meanwhile shoving make up products into your jacket then I help you up and help you hobble your way to the station. He says okay I see where you’re going with this will you leave me at the station by myself and I said well I guess I’ll have what I wanted so maybe but it’s all good I trust you can get home alone. I asked if he was ready and he bursts out laughing and said I crack him up, especially the jump kick part.

When we finally get up to leave and go home, I say lets do it and we start walking towards The shop the pirate says wait we’re not doing this right we have to dance over to the shop so we start dancing over to the shop and then I say jump kick and do a very poor jump kick (not at him)and we laugh and link arms and walk to the station. 

He rushes to get his train meanwhile I’ve realised I’ve missed my last one again and I’m soo not getting the night bus alone… Too many creeps so I get an uber which was surprisingly less than I thought it would be but the driver kept going on about making sure I don’t make make a mess on his seats- I was eating MacDonald’s 😂

All in all another great night. I was really pleased that the pirate and Noah got on so well.   I’m seeing him again on Wednesday- we’re going to dinner… My first ever dinner date 🙊 He also invited me up to Kent to see his band perform. I said of course and I’m really excited to see him on stage. I asked if his family would be there because I’m not ready to meet them  and he said he’s 95% sure they won’t be, but he’ll check because he doesn’t want me to feel uneasy and he really wants me to be there. I’m already super nervous about meeting his band mates, family would be too much. I don’t think I’m all that good with new people sigh. For now I’ll focus on our dinner date on Wednesday.

As my sister Winter, said to me today- girl, this is a big deal, put on your fake smile and fake it til you make it… Don’t be stingy with the god damn mascara.


-Love, Autumn x


  1. L. Rorschach · August 7

    Date #3 already?! Dayum! I am thrilled it’s going so well and can’t wait to read about date #4. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thekaleidoscopeh · August 8

    Yay I’m thrilled for you! 😃Have you by any chance read the Girl Online books?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. indiangirldating · August 8

    love ❤ so happy it is going so well!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. pratseek · August 12

    As i told you before on date 2 with pirate, you will shift in a way that will drift you away from him..
    I can sense, it is more like a work to be with him rather than a natural man to woman relationship.
    3 dates are too much ..

    Liked by 1 person

    • autumnsinnerthoughts · August 12

      As usual you are wrong. It doesn’t feel like work at all to be with him, in fact it feels like I’ve known him a lot longer than I have. Who knows if it will work out, all I know is I’m having fun with him right now


      • pratseek · August 12

        “as usual”? That’s the problem the level of comfort and lack of nervousness around him..


      • autumnsinnerthoughts · August 12

        It’s great I’m comfortable with him but that doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous whenever I’m about to meet up with him. Anyway you’re entitled to your own opinion 😊


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