A glimpse of the magician

Yesterday, my cousin Summer and I went to do a viewing of this gorgeous 2 bed flat. Yeeeahh I’m moving out!! 😍

We were at London Bridge station when I saw him, with a petite young looking girl, my guess early twenties. They weren’t holding hands or anything just walking together towards the escalators and down they went.

When I first saw him my heart jumped into my throat and I stopped in my tracks and grabbed my cousins arm. I said omg Summer, that’s the magician wtf! She looked over and was like really?? That’s him? I nodded, not really moving for sheer fear that he might see me.

It’s weird how shaken I felt just by seeing him. London is a big place, I doubted I’d ever see him again. The unsettling feeling  remained for a few minutes while we walked away and I questioned what it all meant. Why was I so affected by him? I’m definitely over him, so maybe it was the shock of it. Who knows. I just hope I don’t see him again.

-Love, Autumn x

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