Meeting the pirate’s mum & our hotel stay 

The 28th marked one month since our first date! Time is a strange thing. It doesn’t feel like a month at all; it feels like 3 at least. It’s probably how often we see each other.

The pirate invited me to a music festival but warned me his mum goes every year and said if I felt uncomfortable then we could always do something the following day. We had plans to see each other Sunday night and spend the day together on Monday so there was no way I was going to miss out on a day so I said it was okay. His mum even offered to stay home in case I was uncomfortable but I said no way and that I was going to end up meeting her soon or later.

His mum is absolutely lovely I was really nervous especially because he was picking her up in the car. When we got to his house I asked him if I should get out and sit in the back he said that’s up to you, actually it’s fine, but in the end I decided to sit in the back. When his mum came out she saw me in the back and told me I should sit in the front with him, I asked if she was sure she said of course. We got drinks before the venue opened and she dished some dirt on the pirate when he was little. When the pirate went to the bathroom and left us alone I was super nervous again. She told me that she liked me before she met me as he had shown her my photos and told her all about me and I sounded like a sweet girl. She told me she could tell how much he really liked me and he’s been so much happier since he met me. She added that was worried that he wasn’t showing me how much he likes me, and asked if he was and I said well not really, but it’s fine and she said trust me he really does like you, but he holds his cards close to his chest and doesn’t really show how he is feeling sometimes and then she asked me to bear with him it was so damn cute. I told her how much I liked him and how sweet and respectful he is and that she raised him well, which I could tell she was pleased by. While we were at the bar, her sister phoned her asking about me, she said I was really nice and really pretty and told her sister she had to go. When she put down the phone she said she really wants you too and his little sister is jealous that I ‘m meeting you and she isn’t. I can’t explain how great that felt and I just hope that the rest of his family likes me or a least feel like I’ll be good for him.

Afterwards we went over to one of the venues to see the live bands and it was so good!! The atmosphere was amazing the band was great in the end we only watched one band and then we drop his mum home and we headed to the hotel I had but because I didn’t want him to have to drive all the way back to my house to drop me off then drive all the way home and drive all the way back to mine again on Monday then drive all the way to drop me off later I said it was too much. He was fine with it, but I wanted him to be able to drink and have fun too so we stayed in a hotel.

I can’t explain how great it was being in the hotel with him. There was no pressure for sex whatsoever and honestly although at times I really wanted to, I knew I just wasn’t ready for what would inevitably come with it like the increase in emotion and  attachment. My feelings for him already so intense without their own sex into the mix. Yes we are exclusive, however, we are not in a relationship and I’m not ready for my feelings to be any stronger than they already are until we reach that point.

Soooooooo… Did anything saucy happen behind that hotel room door? 👀Haha… he got a cheeky HJ lol I was able to get a glimpse of the goods and I was happy, actually relieved with what I saw.  My sister kept saying things like oh my God what if it’s really small like what if he has a micropenis such a little shit lol. Anyways I can confirm that no he doesn’t! We cuddled and while he fell asleep I lay there for hours finally falling asleep at 4 AM and waking up at 8 AM and because I was awake I had no choice but to wake him up. We made out a lot  and cuddled in the morning while we sipped our hot drinks then we had separate showers and I had five minutes to put my make-up on and get ready. We ended up checking out late but luckily didn’t have to pay extra. Afterwards,  we got breakfast, drove to a park and lay in the Sun together for hours just talking and he slept some more while I took sneaky pics of him lol. It was a great bank holiday weekend together and makes me think of how great a holiday or weekend away would be with him.

The pirate was supposed to meet my family on just Sunday and when I told my older brother, he was not happy about the situation he said and I quote “why am I meeting some guy you’ve only known for four weeks?” “this is a mistake” “the family has gone crazy” and then he deleted me from the family group chat 😂bastard! He later explained that he was just looking out for me and he didn’t want me to get hurt, which I said was fair seeing as I have a tendency to be ghosted when I least expect it. He told me they didn’t deserve me then added me back to the group chat.

The Pirate and I discussed it and decided maybe it was too soon, after all my mum had also invited him to a smaller dinner with my parents my sister and her boyfriend and my youngest brother who he’s already met once very briefly. I told him that I was also having second thoughts about it as we are not officially in a relationship and I didn’t want to rush him, knowing what happened with his ex. 

They met on Tinder as well and the relationship quickly escalated so they were together officially within two months and by five months she told him she want to have some time on her own and that was that. He described it as being quite a shock and said he wasn’t expecting it and it affected him a lot. This may be why he holds his cards so close to his chest now… 

I told him I was happy with how things are right now and that I really liked him and I think he likes me too and if that’s the case that’s all that matters for now and that of course there will be plenty of time to meet the rest of the family. He said he really does like me too and really appreciated everything I said and we left at that. 

-Love, Autumn x


  1. L. Rorschach · September 1

    Awww! I have warm fuzzies. I think this will be a long-lasting relationship. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nina · September 4

    Good for you! You sound so confident with him.

    Liked by 1 person

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