His Fear

I can feel the fear 

But it’s his not mine 

A gaping hole 

Someone carved and left behind 

Not too long ago

His wounds are fresh

He’s healing slow

He wants to forget

But he doesn’t know how

Her grip is strong

Sharp talons pierce skin

Drawing blood and memories

Stirring doubt within

A distance grows

Slowly at first

I grasp at the space between us

Desperate to close it

Desperate to be close to him

To feel his warmth once more

To inhale that scent I’ve grown to love

A drug I can’t get enough of

His addictive scent

All of him

He drives me wild with just one look

His touch threatens my freedom

But I don’t care

Under it, I crave restraints

Chained to him, forever

No key

No release

But how?

When another still holds his heart

Or perhaps just pieces of it

Broken like tiny shards of glass

So small he can’t see them

I can

I don’t know how

Or when I’ll achieve this

But I’ll put on my armour

And I’ll tear those talons out

I’ll fight to release him

To set him free

Free to heal

Free to trust

Free to love someone new

And I’ll be waiting


Hoping to one day feel his love

And share mine freely too

I wrote this a week or so ago when my overthinking was at its highest. When I read it, I believe what I’m reading, it makes sense to me. He’s holding back because of what happened in the past. He loved her, fiercely I think, and she left him just like that, she broke his heart and Although he says he’s moved on- he hasn’t completely because he’s letting the past influence what’s happening with us… That’s my take on things anyway… Maybe I just don’t feel as secure as I thought it did 🤔

-Love, Autumn x


  1. nbratscott · September 18

    Wow! You made me feel your emotions here!
    Knowing this you still can clear away your feelings for Mr X and commit to building a relationship with The Pirate. Your feelings for him must be powerful indeed…and you must brace!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • autumnsinnerthoughts · September 18

      Thanks ☺️ Yeah they are really strong, I can definitely say I’ve never felt this way before. Yeah I’m bracing myself for whatever comes next good or bad.


      • nbratscott · September 18


        Liked by 1 person

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