Art & Weekend Plans

On Saturday, I went to the Tate Modern with the pirate. For those who don’t know it, it’s an art gallery in London. We walked around hand in hand (which is something we do so often, it would feel wrong if we weren’t) and had a lot of fun admiring the different pieces and attempting to give our take on them. 

I was super impressed that he recognised some of the artists (people I had never heard of before). There was this photographic display of all these prostitutes living in filthy conditions- a very somber and thought provoking display. The pirate had said something funny just as we were approaching the area so we were laughing right by them, then when we noticed where we were we stopped and looked around. We must’ve looked like a bunch of sickos πŸ™ˆ

There was this really cool display about African slavery and how black people have been oppressed over the years and back in the day how they were made to feel ugly and almost less than human. The way it was presented with pictures and quotes printed against red backgrounds (which I later read was to resemble the blood and pain of their suffering, if I’m remembering correctly). The pictures were arranged in an order that told a story and you had to walk around to room following the narrative. Me and the pirate walked around, with me reading the quotes aloud, I saw another guy following behind as if he was listening to me read as well. It made me a little emotional as I could almost feel the pain through the canvases. It was brilliant, I wish I could remember the artist’s name.

For those who don’t know, which may just be everyone- I’m black and he’s white. The reason I’m saying this is because I want to make a point that I love that he showed absolutely no signs of being uncomfortable, while we were in that exhibit. Maybe this is very minor to people reading and maybe you’re thinking he has no right to feel uncomfortable, but people can get awkward with this kind of stuff and I was just happy he didn’t.

Moving on…

The pirate squeezed my hand as we left the display and moved onto the next. There were 5 Tv screens showing video clips of different historical black figures, doing speeches e.g. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. We stood and watched for a while. The pirate asked me if I wanted to go into the black power exhibit that was to the right of us and I said yeah if you want to. So we made our way over but you needed tickets which meant we had to go all the way downstairs to buy them then come back up. I said “that was really fun,” He looked at me and said don’t you want to see the exhibit? I laughed and said that was my way of saying it’s time to go πŸ˜… He laughed and said he thought so. He was more than willing, but I was super hungry and I know he was too, so I suggested we go and eat instead. He asked if I was sure and I said yeah. So he said we’ll have to come back another time to see it, I agreed. 

We decided to eat at Nandos again lol and he suggested we get the train to the one in Covent Garden instead of walking there 😍 my hero! I’m doing this whole Vegan thing right now so I ordered this tofu tomato wrap which was suprisingly nice! 

*I’m doing the vegan thing as a way to boost my immune system, it’s got nothing to do with the whole “meat is murder,” narrative. No offence to those who believe that.*

After dinner we went to our bar (yes I can actually say our bar as we’re regulars now). He had a beer and I had their delicious lemonade! I seriously can’t get enough of it 😍

At the bar we had a very interesting conversation about sex. He kept poking my boobs and trying to put his hand down the back of my jeans and cop a feel so I retaliated by feeling him up under the table πŸ˜‚ he retreated so I won! πŸ†πŸ…πŸŽ–I then initiated the sex talk by asking him what he likes 😏

He gave a list that mainly had to do with where he could cum πŸ˜‚ boobs, bum, mouth. He told me that a lot of people underestimate how good a handjob feels so I asked him how he likes his and he broke it down lol. He said he’d like to watch as I pleasured myself, then added in the shower. He’d like to pin me down. My heart was racing with excitement, thinking damn you’re speaking my language!!

Then he asked me what I liked and after waffling about cuddles and neck kisses, he pretty much told me those are a given, now get to the good stuff haha. I gave him my list which wasn’t too different from his own. I broke down how I like to be touched- I’m sick of “DJs” I can’t remember if I explained to you what a DJ is so i’ll do it again.

Think of how a DJ spins his disks. There are guys out there who rub your clit like they’re in the DJ booth rubbing away like they’re rub it off or something. Calm the fuck down please, it doesn’t feel good it’s just painful!! I’m sure there’s a female version of the DJ too. The pirate was telling me about girls who pull too hard and the foreskin goes back too far and there’s something that can snap/detach resulting in a spew of blood, adding that luckily it hasn’t happened to him before. I had no idea what he was talking about but he compared it to the little tendon (if that’s even the word) that’s attached under your tongue. Sounds painful and messy!

Anyways we also talked about our don’ts and won’ts; our no nos. I think his only no no was to have something up his bum lol. Mine were:

  •  Anal sex, but I said I’d be willing to try it down the road with a long term partner. He said a way to slowly dip your toe into the idea of anal was using a butt plug and said girls seemed to enjoy it. He did admit he had never tried anal before though.
  • Unprotected sex and unprotected oral unless I know the guy is clean. I added that I don’t really see the point in oral with a condom, but he said he’s done it protected before, so if it still does it for him then fair enough.

After our chat we were quiet for a little while then looked at each other and laughed and if to say wow that escalated pretty quickly.  I took his hand and put it against my cheek and smiled at him. Then he said- I just want you to know I’m not expecting anything this weekend, of course I’ll be happy if stuff happens, but I don’t want you to feel I expect anything.

I told him that things were definitely going to happen and he laughed and said something along the lines of we’ll see.

Oh did I not mention I’m spending the whole weekend with him this weekend! Friday I’m going to see his band launch their new EP and Friday night to Sunday we’ll be together 😍 

I asked him if his mum was coming to the EP launch party. He said he wasn’t sure so I said he should tell her to come! When we were on our date he told me he called her and asked her if she was coming and she asked if I would be okay with it. He said he laughed and said it wasn’t him that was asking and I wanted her to come and then she said of course I’ll come! Haha I do really like his mum and I’m Sooo looking forward to this weekend πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

-Love, Autumn x


  1. nbratscott · September 26

    It sounds like you’re going places!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. L. Rorschach · September 26

    Aww, this sounds so awesome! I’m so excited for you for this weekend that I can barely handle the anticipation. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

  3. bone&silver · September 27

    I love it that you’ve talked so openly, & checked in with each other, that’s great. Looking forward to the next update 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. autumnsinnerthoughts · September 27

    I’ve spent so many years silent, not being clear about what i want so it’s a nice change 😊


  5. Nina · September 29

    This sounds so happy and hopeful!

    Liked by 1 person

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