A chat with the pirate’s mum

If you recall, in my last post I said I sent a message to the pirate’s mum thanking her for the birthday wishes and asking how the family is.

Mum: I hope you had a great birthday, all ok, well except the pirate ☹️ hope you and your family are too. 😘😘

Me: 😔 Yeah I know he’s having a really hard time right now. I think about him all the time. I wish I could do more for him but I don’t think he wants me to see him like this. He said you make him talk to you, which helps so I’m happy about that at least, he’s lucky to have you. I don’t mean to overstep, I just care about him a lot and although I haven’t told him yet, I do love him… He’s amazing 😊❤️

(Yep I told his mum I love him 🙈)

Mum: Oh darling, you are wonderful and I do hope you two have a future together. Although we have only met a couple of times I feel close to you and know we both love him and want him to be better. He does talk to me thankfully and I am hopefully getting him sorted, I am fed up with the tablets the doctors put him on and want the problem solved. You take care of yourself, I will of course let you know any developments. Sending a hug and kiss xxxx ❤️

Me: I hope for all those things too, and I do feel close to you too xx Thank you soo much xxxx ❤️❤️

Mum: No thank you for being so understanding xxx 😘😍

I gave her my number if she ever needed/wanted to contact me and she gave me hers and thanked me again. I really like his mum, she’s so lovely and easy to get on with and I feel like I’ve known her a lot longer than I have.

For now, I’ve decided to focus on myself. Gym, healthy eating and a more active social life with my small circle of friends. With my chest pains, the pain has lowered slightly below the breastbone so I was thinking it was acid reflux, but antacids haven’t helped at all and I’ve been in pain since I woke up (it’s 5:30pm now), so now I’m thinking it could be gallstones. I’m going to the doctors again tomorrow for a referral for an ultrasound. Fingers crossed I can figure out what this is.

-Love, Autumn x


  1. L. Rorschach · October 23

    His mom sounds lovely. 🙂

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