He’s coming back to me

The other day the pirate shared something with me. He had a really bad day, a break down at rehearsal and an encounter with the police who gave him a breathalyser then let him go when they realised he was clean. He was a mess and at first when I asked if he wanted to talk about it he said no sorry, then later told me the above. He also mentioned going to therapy, which his mum had brought up and said he needed, I agreed it would be a good idea. Working in the field of psychology myself, I am a strong believer that medication should be prescribed alongside talking therapy rather than on it’s own. I told him that people are more likely to recover quicker if engaged in both. He revealed he’d done it before and it had helped.

I was overwhelmed by this conversation, led by him. All I could think is he’s letting me in! 😊

Today, he changed his display pic on WhatsApp from a plain black background to a picture of him singing on stage. I smiled and thought to myself he’s on his way back to me! 😊

He’s such a great guy, even with everything he’s going through he’s been worried about me and my chest pains. I’m pretty sure it’s acid reflux. I took some pills prescribed by my dr which only worked for 3 hours. In my pain free hours I told the pirate the pain was gone and he was really happy for me! He said he felt relieved I was feeling better. A few minutes later the pain was back. I didn’t say anything to him as I didn’t want to add to his worries. Later on after work, I was talking about how carefully I had to select what food I was gonna eat as I didn’t want to exacerbate the pain. When he said he thought I said it was gone, I admitted it came back shortly after but I didn’t wanna bring it up because I didn’t want to add to his worries. He told me off a little and basically said I had to tell him these things. He didn’t want me to minimise my own pain for fear of adding to his… I

promised I wouldn’t do it again.

Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to the pills and broke out in itchy hives!! Just in time for my Halloween night out with the girls😩 Sooo annoying! I’ve got a new prescription plus some cream for the rash so I’ll be okay.

Feeling really happy despite the chest pains and rash, hopefully this smile stays on my face 😊😊😊😊

-Love, Autumn x

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  1. L. Rorschach · October 30

    This is promising!

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