Weekend Plans

Booo!! Island boy is away this weekend and I had no intention of going out with the girls seen as I spent an obscene amount on Rihanna’s Fenty makeup range! I mean I was soooo extra, I bought brushes… I didn’t really need them, but I was caught up in the moment. I went to get a skin tone match so I’d have the perfect colour and I was blown away. I was fully ready for the catwalk. Of course when I put the makeup on myself it didn’t look as good 😂 but it’s a learning curve, I’m sure I’ll get better.

So yeah, with that dent in my account I decided to stay home, clean, wash clothes and find my debit card, which I’m 100% sure is somewhere in the house.


Me X asked me out to grab a drink or get dinner on Saturday. I’ve told him plenty of times that we’re just friends, but I don’t know if he’s got that into his head yet. He still talks about past feelings and worries about feeling they way he did when I met the Pirate.

For those who don’t remember or are new to my blog, I was talking to Mr X for almost 2 years and he made it clear we’d never have anything serious, but when I met someone else, he told me he loved me, asked me to choose him over the Pirate, cried on the phone and pretty much fell apart. I felt awful because he was saying everything I’d always dreamed of him saying, but it was too late.

When things ended with the pirate, he fell back into his old ways, saying we should hang out on minute then being kind of distant the next and giving excuses to why we couldn’t meet up. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised and that’s when I went back to Tinder and swiped for a couple days before I matched with Island boy. Then sure enough, guess who popped back up?

🙄 men…

Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be really nice to see him. I mean, no one gets me irritated and fired up the way he does, to the point where I want to physically hurt him, but despite that, I do enjoy hanging out with him. As I’m writing this, I’m talking myself into going. It’s harmless really, besides although I like Island boy a lot, I don’t really know how he feels and I have to keep reminding myself it’s only been 2 weeks so of course we haven’t had any exclusivity or where this is going? chats and Mr X has always been there for me and I get the feeling he has some stuff he wants to get off his chest… 🤔

-Love, Autumn x

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