I’m okay/ Island boy returns

Soo it appears I overreacted… classic me really 🙄 All is well on the health front re the breast lump.


Island boy came back from his work trip and we made plans to meet the next day. I had plans in the morning with the girls but I wasn’t sure if they would actually happen so I asked if I could let him know in the morning, he was cool with that. The girls overslept so we missed out on grabbing our reserved tickets. Oh well! I messaged Island boy but he said his friend was in town and he might meet up with him and there was someone coming to view his car which he’s selling and that he’d still want to meet in the afternoon regardless but he’d let me know when.

Honestly, I thought he was blowing me off so I told him we could just do something another time. In the past I’ve spent time waiting around for guys who’d end up cancelling last minute while I wasted a day… I didn’t want to go through that again. Also in the context of PMSing I was feeling over emotional anyway and was dealing with severe cramps. He responded “???did I say that?” To which I admitted no, then told him I’d understand if he chose his friend over me as I live 5-10 mins away while his friend lives in a different city. I’d understand but doesn’t mean I’d be happy about it lol🙈

In the end we met up for brunch, places were packed because it was Mother’s Day, evidently neither of us had thought things through. It was fine in the end we found a little coffee shop and had brunch. I had smashed avocado and a poached egg on a bagel as they were out of sourdough. When it came out I asked the waitress if that was a chickens egg and she said no a duck egg… no thank you… I don’t want thattt 😭 I asked if she could remove it meanwhile island asks me how I knew… it looked and smelled different… I don’t wanna say bad but yeah to my sense of smell it was. He seemed to like his though.

He told me all about his trip and it sounds like he had a really great time and got a lot of work done. After he admitted missing me in a text while he was away, I asked when he realised he missed me and he said about 10 mins after I left his house (about an hour before he left for the airport) ❤️ my heart!! He also brought me back a gift 😍 a woven bracelet with my name on it in the colours of the flag of the country he went to. I was really overwhelmed with emotion, but I think I handled myself well. No guy has ever thought of me enough to go abroad and bring something back for me.

So apart from admitting he misses me, he also also referred to me as “his girl.” In response to something he said about his phone, I replied you need to get that phone fixed mate! He didn’t want me to call him mate and said “mates are different, you’re my girl no?”

Some people may be thinking yesssss that’s it, congratulations he’s calling you his girlfriend… no no no no no no no no no no no, he absolutely isn’t. Until I hear the words- “do you want to be/ will you be my girlfriend?” I’m bloody single. I’m not assuming shit, the number of guys who’ve lined up to throw darts at my poor heart… nopeeee I’m done! Don’t get me wrong this does not mean I’m out there fishing for something new, why would I when I feel like he’s the catch of the day…week … month… year… longer? Who knows. If he wants to go fishing that’s up to him and clearly I’m not his girl, just a girl.

I feel like I’m spiralling a bit… I’m exhausted from working with a kid with ADHD today, my eyes are closing as I type.

The question remains: Do I want to be his girlfriend? Yes!🙈 BUT! When he feels ready, there’s no rush. Overall I’m really happy at the moment… He makes me happy.

Sooo… Like I said I saw him the day he got back from his trip. After we ate we went for a walk (something I don’t usually do), then back to his. He wanted to watch a documentary and I was soooo not having that, in my mind I was like no way am I watching a dead ass documentary. Three documentary’s later and I was in awe of myself and the super powers he evidently has. Seriously I’m pretty strong willed, I like what I like and that’s the end of that. Island boy pushes me to try new experiences and do things I wouldn’t usually do and I am so grateful for it afterwards. He looked so smug when he saw how much I was enjoying the documentaries.

I was talking to my mum about stuff and she was shocked to hear I was walking and watching documentaries and said it sounds like he’s really good for me. I have to agree.

Urgh I miss him already, what the hell. I think tonight I’ll have an early night, I’m shattered plus if I’m sleeping I’m not thinking about him and how much I want to curl up in his arms and kiss his face off haha.

Love, Autumn x


  1. L. Rorschach · 12 Days Ago

    Aww, what a great update! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. indiangirldating · 12 Days Ago

    so happy to hear your date went amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The V Pub · 12 Days Ago

    It’s great to read that you had a wonderful time. Nothing like the feeling that you get with a romance that’s blooming.

    Liked by 1 person

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